Via Ponte Vecchio n. 5/C - Urbania (PU)

A pochi km. da Urbino

1 Room, 1 Adult, 0 Child, 1 Night
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About us

Nothing happens by accident!  

When everything takes the right direction you can understand it from the events and we decided to take the opportunity to fly and open a Bed and Breakfast in Urbania, a small village, where Massimo has grown! Urbania is rich in history and anecdotes, inhabited by people friendly, smiling and helpful! Find out more about the history of Urbania! In these places and especially at the Bed & Breakfast da Vi. Vì you will be pleasantly impressed by the tranquility and the sense of peace that the place will give you.  A pleasure that will involve all your senses and that you will remember smiling in your daily life!

Why the Bed and Breakfast in Urbania?

In the hills of Urbania stood a family cottage, typical of peasant cultures with humble rooms and organized to allow the large families “once” to live and respect the many needs. The cottage is entrusted of father to son, until it comes to be owned by the young Massimo who, tied to the family and his roots, decides to build in that cottage his own future. That farmhouse became ruin over the seasons, after a great renovation in 2015, turns into an elegant and modern Bed & Breakfast.

At last… The farmhouse of the heart!

The desire to start a better life, the strength of love for one’s special child and the desire to face and satisfy all its needs, move in us a feeling of revenge towards destiny and the dream of creating something that could mark Deeply our existences! Here is the Bed & Breakfast from Vi. Vì, the Casale of the heart!