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The church of the mummies


The church of the mummies

A silent crypt where the bodies of Urbanians have rested for more than four centuries. The Church of the Dead of Urbania, formerly Cappella Cola until 1836, adorned with a splendid gothic portal, preserves inside the Cemetery of the Mummies, famous for the curious phenomenon of natural mummification, due to a particular mold which dried the corpses.

In 1833, 18 already mummified corpses extracted from nearby tombs were exposed behind the altar, following the institution of extra-urban cemeteries as a result of the Napoleonic edict of Saint Cloud in 1804. The bodies were arranged by the Confraternity of Good Death, founded in Casteldurante in 1567, under the protection of S. Giovanni Decollato. 

Providing free transportation and burial of the dead, especially the indigent, assisting the dying, as well as the registration of the dead in a special book, up to the distribution of alms to the poor … these were the tasks entrusted to them! The mummies of Urbania are waiting for you, each with its own story to tell.

The mummies of Urbania are known throughout the world and often the subject of journalistic services and television.