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Archaeological excavations “The Valley of the Princes | guided tours

A few kilometers from the center of Urbania, in the locality of Cantinaccia, a large circular stone mound, 32 meters in diameter, has been found. 
Thanks to the agreement between the Soprintendenza Archeologia Belle Arti e Paesaggio of Marche and the Municipality, with the availability of the property, the works on the discovery of the tumulus have been started.

Structures of this type, unknown for the territory of the Metauro valley and rarely of such grandiose dimensions, are usually the funerary monuments of the most important figures of ancient communities. 

From the ongoing investigations it will be possible to clarify the exact dating of this exceptional structure discovered, probably built between 800 and 500 B.C., and it will be possible to understand who the most ancient inhabitants of the Upper Metauro Valley were.

From July 15, the excavations will be open to visitors in compliance with safety regulations, assisting in real time the activities of archaeologists.  

Three places will be visitable
the archaeological excavation: the view on the valley of the princes (with the map of the places);
the Ducal Palace and Civic Museum (where the archaeologists of the University of Ravenna will work on the finds).

Info and reservations: Tourism Office 0722/313140

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